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A department of American Communications Online for our American Veterans in all branches of the Armed Forces.

We support all our government employess and contractors in their vital goals for the future of humankind.

Universal Life Ascension Church Ohana Inc. for 501(c) 3 Purposes

We believe Alien Civilizations Exist and in unconditional love…
ACO Association is an open source of information provided by citizen authors, bloggers, journalists, podcasters, videographers, writers, and our

Ascension Age Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

Scriptwriters, Screen plays Gaming and Entertainment Spiritual Growth Ascension Church Ohana of the Universal Life Order implied.

Theresa J Morris shares TJ Morris ET Radio

with her associates in ACO Association.

We share various projects together as American Communications Online. sign.

Our TJ Morris ET Radio Shows began June 2012. We have been sharing Talk Shows Live since and archiving for our members.

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Experience delicate spiritual growth counseling with our Ascension Church Ohana Pastors.

Learning is fun with others who have similar goals and interests.

“We are building projects we can all participate in and make a difference to our patrons.” https://patreon.com/theresajmorris

Paul F – San Fransisco

Let us assist in our ACO Club Psychic Guide Organization. We accept memberships and assist you in your weekly, monthly, bi-annual, annual goals either in business or personal situations.